It's time to think unconventionally

Doing what’s right isn’t easy. It isn’t easy to put people first. It isn’t easy to put innovative medicines into the hands of anyone, anywhere in the world. It’s time to do the hard stuff.

We are an innovative medicines biotechnology company committed to making healthcare more human. We will break down old silos and forge new alliances with any company that shares our mission. We will work tirelessly so that more people can have access to life-saving medicines. And, perhaps most importantly, we will impact not only the health, but the well-being of the people we serve.

In order to make a difference, we need to take a different approach

We believe that you don’t need to radically overhaul the system to make a difference. Instead, we’ve evolved our thinking around how to operate within the current global healthcare ecosystem. Our approach is built on existing capabilities, resources, and proven experience.

Unique co‑development model

  • A subsidiary of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Asia, Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (Hengrui Pharma)
  • Through an evolved strategic plan with Hengrui Pharma, we will co-develop innovative medicines in areas of high unmet medical need

Innovative medicines

11 pipeline programs in both oncology and non-oncology across all phases of development from preclinical to Phase 3

Impactful solutions

We plan to work within the structure of existing healthcare systems to implement tailored solutions that improve availability, accessibility, and affordability of our medicines

A subsidiary of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Asia

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Hengrui Pharma, we are a global development and commercialization biotechnology organization. By leveraging Hengrui Pharma’s established discovery and manufacturing capabilities, as well as a robust global clinical-trials network, we have the potential to bring innovative medicines to market quickly and efficiently.

Hengrui Pharma brings their proven capabilities and resources to us


  • One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Asia with more than 24,000 employees worldwide
  • 50+ years of proven excellence in R&D innovation, manufacturing, as well as commercialization

Innovative pipeline

  • Robust pipeline of more than 250 clinical studies across multiple therapeutic areas


  • Drug discovery and development in areas of high unmet medical need
  • Focus areas include oncology, cardiovascular, metabolic/diabetes, pain management, immunology, liver disease, and renal disease


  • 8 fully owned facilities around the globe
  • Majority of facilities maintain USP and EUP standards

Research & development

  • 16 R&D centers with more than 5400 research staff across hundreds of therapeutic candidates


  • 10 internally developed, approved, and successfully commercialized innovative medicines in China in the past 12 years

Barriers to availability, accessibility, and affordability for innovative medicines are not the same across the world. Neither are the solutions

Whether it’s rising out-of-pockets costs in the United States, restricted or delayed access in the European Union, or lack of availability in other regions, it’s time for a company to step up and address these unique challenges differently.

That’s why we are committed to tailoring solutions to local regions and healthcare ecosystems to overcome barriers and improve availability, accessibility, and affordability of innovative medicines.

And as the healthcare system evolves,
we will, too.

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