It’s time to address a global healthcare paradox

There are more innovative medicines than ever being developed across the globe, yet many people can't access them. We refer to this as “the healthcare paradox.”

We dare to change that.

  • Health disparities not only affect the day-to-day experiences of individuals but also the well-being of entire communities1
  • Patients are being harmed daily by high treatment costs and it’s causing more deaths than necessary2
  • Some cancer patients have reported having to choose between paying for their medication and heating their home or needing to use a food bank because they couldn't afford groceries due to medication costs2

Innovation is soaring


in the number of FDA new molecular entity approvals in oncology from 2010 to 20203

of drugs

in development
are oncology

Availability, accessibility, and affordability are sorely lacking

The World Health Organization lists
25 essential cancer medications5
Only 10% of countries worldwide have made all 25 available to patients5
Even older generic cytotoxic drugs are universally accessible to only <50% of healthcare providers worldwide6
>30% of US patients experienced barriers
that led to unmet need
or delayed care due to availability, accessibility, or affordability7

Patient access to cancer medicines vary widely between countries. For example, in the European Union4,5:

  • In some countries, only 7% of EMA-approved oncology therapies receive market access (ie, reimbursement)
  • Time to market access ranges from 86 to 1000 days
  • After 1 year of reimbursement, the level of patient access can be as low as 22%

The most effective medicines are the ones that people can access and use

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accessible, and affordable to anyone, anywhere in the world.